Saturday, September 26, 2020

 Congratulations to this years winners! 

Please let your friends know if they have credits to spend in the far right column. 

If you weren't able to participate in this years finale, please stop in and grab your gift pack. If you dont see your name on the results page, we never received a tournament entry sheet or a scorecard showing that you played

All credits MUST be spent by October 31st.   

Thank you for your continued support of The Barn Junior Golf

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. 

I sincerely apologize for the delay on the Barn Junior Championship results. I have tried to upload them 3 times but the excel file has a bug and says it is corrupted so I keep losing the information. Arrrg! Trust me, I am as frustrated as you are. Please give me a few days to recreate the file and get the results posted at my earliest convenience. Between my duties at the golf course and wrapping up the boys high school golf season, I don't have a lot of free time.

Thank you for your patience! 


Saturday, May 23, 2020

2020 summer league registration notes as of May 23 (not official pairings)

All of the names down the left column have successfully registered and paid 
as of 2:00 PM Saturday May 23rd

Please scroll to the right to view pairing requests. 
Those highlighted in yellow have not yet signed up or completed registration with payment details.

Those highlighted in green have been requested to be in more than one group

First Last Age My child would like to play with....     Requested pairings upon registration
Tyce Abbott 13 Jace Redd Kash Pederson Kannon Pluim tyce abbott 13 jace redd 13 kash pederson 13 kannon pluim 13
Chase Allman 11 Bracken Day, and Colten Larsen chase allman 11 bracken day 11  colten larsen 
Christian Benevento 8
Tanner Booth 13 Carter Shriber, Rhett Hogge, Payton tanner booth 13 carter shriber 13 rhett hogge 13 payton martinez 14
Terry Bowden 13
Konley Boyle 13 Trey Barnes, Jaxson Bruce, Ashton Prothero konley boyle 13 trey barnes  jaxson bruce ashton prothero 13
Kru Boyle 11 Jaden Millar, Hayes Torgersen, Cooper Bruce kru boyle 11 jaden millar hayes torgerson  cooper bruce stockton jardine 11
Dylan Bruce 13 Ben Olpin, Landon Larose, Eric Marker dylan bruce 13 ben olpin 12 landon larose 13 eric marker 13 (late tee time)
Aidan Carpenter 10 Harlan Fairchild, Colby Youngberg, Lincoln Lewis aiden carpenter 10 harlan fairchild 10 colby youngberg 10 lincoln lewis 10
Ryan Chambers 13 Nate Stewart, Tyler Payne, Drew Larson ryan chambers 13 nate stewart 13 tyler payne 13 drew larson 13
Linkin Chansamone 12
Porter Close 11 Weston Felt, Jake Stewart, Bridger Rasmussen porter close 11 weston felt 11 jake stewart 11 bridger rasmussen 11 
Cole Comeau 13
Teage Corrigan 13 Craiten Patterson - Cohen Wood - Crew Wood teague corrigan 13 craiten patterson 13 cohen wood 13 crew wood 9
Nickolas Cottam 13 Austin Fridal nickolas cottam 13 austin fridal 13
Gabe Cragun 11 Ziggy Williams gabe cragun 11 ziggy williams 11
Bracken Day 11
Miles Erickson 13 Bodhi shaw miles erickson 13 bodhi shaw
Harlan Fairchild 10 Aidan Carpenter, Lincoln Lewis, Colby Youngberg
Weston Felt 11 Porter Close
Skyler Felt 13 Aidan Gross, Cayson Vanbeekam skyler felt 13 aiden gross cayson vanbeekum
Jaimen Flinders 13 Alex Jewett and Aiden Rodarte jaimen flinders 13 alex jewett 13 aiden rodarte 12 camden kranz 14 (9:30 start time)
Austin Fridal 13 Nico Cottom
Jake Greenhalgh 11 Bridger Rasmussen, Jake Stewart, Finn Hardy jake greehalgh 11 bridger rasmussen 11 jake stewart 11 finn hardy 11
Caiysen Groft 8
Daxton Hancock 13 Trey Davis, Cooper Toyn daxton hancock 13 trey davis cooper toyn
Hayden Hardman 9 CREW WOOD (1ST)/JETT MOYES(2ND) hayden hardman 9 crew wood 9 jett moyes
Finn Hardy 11 Jake Stewart, Jake green hall, Bridger Rasmussen
Charlie Harris 13 PJ Prisk charlie harris 13 pj prisk 14
Isaac Higbee 12 Ethan Albrechtsen, jed and Derrick isaac higbee 12 ethan albrechtsen  jed ? derrick?
Rhett Hogge 13 Payton Martinez
Stockton Jardine 11 Kru, Jaden Millar, Hayes Torgerson, Cooper
Tate Jardine 7 Troy Mehr, Korver Wilson, Mac Snow tate jardine 7 troy mehr 8 korver wilson 8 mac snow 8
Alex Jewett 13 Aiden Rodarte, Jaimen Flinders
Jaxon Jones 13 Cache Bartholomew jaxon jones 13 cache bartholemew
Trey Jones 11 Duncan Palmer trey jones 11 duncan palmer 11
Cameron Judson 11 Cache Bartholomew, Damon Torgerson, Ace Torgerson cameron judson 11 cache bartholemew damon torgerson 12 ace torgerson 10
Spencer Keyes 9
Landon LaRose 13 Ben Olpin, Dylan Bruce, Eric Marker
Drew Larson 13 Nate Stewart, Tyler Payne, Ryan Chambers
Harrison Leonard 12
Mason Leonard 7 Boston Parry mason leonard 7 boston parry 7
Lincoln Lewis 10 Colby Youngberg, Aidan Carpenter, and Harlan Fairchild
Eric Marker 13 Ben Olpin, Dillon Bruce, Landon LaRose and the latest tee time in the afternoon as possible.
Payton Martinez 14 Rhett Hogge
Tayson Maughan 11
Porter Mayhew 11
Troy mehr 8 mack snow, tate jardin, kover wilson
Blake Messerly 14
Andrew Messerly 10 Emmy heap andrew messerly 10 emmy heap 
Ashton Mock 10 Beckett Mock, Kohen Mock, ashton mock 10 beckett mock kohen mock
Kaylee Mock 14 Maddie Orme kaylee mock 14 maddie orme 
Aidan Olson 14
Duncan Palmer 11 Trey Jones
Boston Parry 7 Smith Tergeson, Mason Leonard, Colby Youngberg
Craiten Patterson 13 Cohen Wood - Crew Wood - Teague Corrigan
Carter Payne 10 Aiden Carpenter, Harlen Fairchild, Lincoln Lewis
Tyler Payne 13 Will Stratford, Nate stewart, Drew larson, Ryan chambers , kash peterson, devin nielson
Kash Pederson 13 Tyce Abbott
Keegan Pederson 11 Kolt Abbott keegan pederson 11 kole abbott
Carter Penman 9
Kannon Pluim 13 Tyce Abbott, Kash Pederson and Jace Redd
Pj Prisk 14 Charlie Harris
Ashton Prothero 13 Konley Boyle, Trey Barnes, Jackson Bruce
Bridger Rasmussen 11 Jake Greenhalgh, Jake Stewart and Finn Hardy
Jace Redd 13 Tyce abbot, kannon Plum, cash Peterson
Aiden Rodarte 12 Alex Jewett, Jaimen Flinders
Tydan Schvaneveldt 9
Carter Shriber 13 Rhett Hogge, Tyler Dunn, and Preston
Mack snow 8 Tate jardine  korver wilson
Nate Stewart 13 Drew Larsen, Tyler Payne, & Ryan Chambers
Jake Stewart 11 Bridger Rasmussen, Jake Greenhalgh, and Finn Hardy
Porter Stratford 10 Will Stratford porter stratford 10 will stratford 13
Will Stratford 13 Porter Stratford
Tyler Tippets 14 Camden Kranz tyler tippetts 14 camden kranz 14
Ace Torgerson 10 Damon Torgerson, Cache Bartholomew
Damon Torgerson 12 Cache Bartholomew, Ace Torgerson
Ziggy Williams 11 Gabe Cragun
Korver Wilson 8 Mack, Troy, Tate
Crew Wood 9 Cohen Wood - Craiten Patterson - Teague Corrigan
Cohen Wood 13 Crew Wood - Craiten Patterson - Teague Corrigan
Colby Youngberg 10 Aidan Carpenter, Lincoln Lewis & Harlan Fairchild

Monday, April 20, 2020