Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Parents PLEASE NOTE – we still have kids signing up everyday, so the 2018 Junior league pairings will be updated to this blog site on June 1st. 

Upon registration we had a lot of people request a 9:00-10:00 start time which will unfortunately be impossible to accommodate based on the amount of players that have signed up to play. In years past we started the older kids first and had the youngest kids teeing off last so that they wouldn’t get steamrolled by the older kids. I’d prefer to continue with this but it creates some carpool issues for those with siblings who are also participating

I understand that the heat is a concern for some parents, however with the proper preparations your kids will be able to survive the heat. below are some ideas to keep them cool and make sure they enjoy their round 
  • Play ready golf. they should be able to get in and out in less that 2 hrs and 15 minutes if they are encouraging the other kids in their group to keep up with the group ahead of them.
  • Stay hydrated. send them with a water botlle. We have a fountain that they can top off their bottles on hole #3 and hole #7
  • Encourage them to Wait in the shade while they are waiting for the group ahead of them to get out of reach
  • Also dont forget to have them wear a hat and sunscreen