Family tees

Everyone in the family can enjoy the game from the correct set of tees while keeping up with the proper pace of play!

Regardless of your age or ability, everyone (yes, you too Mom) has the opportunity of hitting the greens in regulation  (1 shot on par 3's, 2 shots on par 4's and 3 shots on par 5's) allowing everyone the chance to make birdies and pars the way the more experienced players do.

  • Green Tees - 50-70 yd par 3's, 125-140 yd par 4's, 175-205 yd par 5's
  • Yellow Tees - 75% of red tee distances per hole
  • Red Tees - 5124 yds for 18 holes
  • White Tees - 5799 yds for 18 holes
  • Blue Tees - 6128 yds for 18 holes

Come on out and shoot your best score ever from whatever set of tees you choose to play!

(we recommend choosing a set of tees that allows you to shoot 45 or better per 9)

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